After a large deuce is dropped and flushed, a remaining submerged turd that is left sticking up towards your ass.
I just dropped a shipwreck. Feeling much better now.
by sciflyer.25 August 29, 2014
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Cocktail - variant of the Bloody Mary.

A large measure of 60% proof white Jamaican rum in a dirty glass, overfilled with tinned chopped tomatoes such that the juice runs down the outside of the glass onto the table. Stirred with index finger, spilling more of the contents.

Taste and immediately regret. Place on table and forget about for several minutes, then accidentally spill down the wall. Leave on wall for 3-5 years.
by Mr. Cardboard November 7, 2011
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The act of shooting someone in the buttcheek (though possibly most other body parts) and raping that person through the bullet hole. Different caliber guns play a huge role in the variation of this act.
"That guy just got shot in the ass and fucked through the bullet hole"

"shipwreck 'em"
by urban1111111 October 19, 2009
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1. when a person tries to go on you or jone you and it's not a good one so then you say "SHIPWRECK"

2. a good jone
EX. 1. someone says a jone

Boy: haha you just got fried like fried chicken
*awkward silence*



Boy: i cant believe that she joned me

Boy 2: aw no! she shipwrecked you!

Boy: yeah man.

Boy 2: How Bad?

Boy: like titanic.
by raygreenlove January 7, 2012
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She was way too small. When I got her bra off and went in, I shipwrecked.
by aydiosmio_ May 28, 2015
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Be siting next to someone in school, and as your friend walks by the victim yell SHIPWRECK! Then you and your friend knock over his desk on to him so it pushes him down and squishes him. Then when the teacher sees or hears it, make it look like it was the victims fault fault.
Me- SHIPWRECK! *lifts desk*
Friend- rawr! *pushes victims desk on to him*
Victim- Aagh! What the fuck!?
Teacher-Did you just say the F-word?
Victim- What? No! Well yes but-
Teacher- Go to the office right now!
*Victim leaves*
Me and my Friend- lol
by Blunderbuss666 June 4, 2009
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The opposite of shipmate. A crew member who is an all round liability and as competent as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition.
Tim: "Alright John, did you do as i asked?"
John: "I forgot"
Tim: "Okay shipwreck I ll get someone else to do it"
by DrHenryMoody July 14, 2010
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