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Shippou is a small kitsune (fox) from the show InuYasha. He can use his Fox Fire or Kitsune Bi to shape-shift into an object, human, or youkai, but his tail doesn't go away when he changes, making him easily recognized. Kagome is his motherly gaurdian since Shippou's parents were slaughtered by the Thunder Brothers for fur pelts.
Thunder Gods? Give me a fuckin break.
by Phatal August 12, 2003
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Shippou, alternate spelling Shippo, is a character on Adult Swim's Inuyasha. Although he was added for cute comic relief it is found many just want to crash in his cranium. Others wish to hug him.

After his father was killed by the 'Thunder Brothers' (his mother was never mentioned) he tried vainly to get revenge. He was stopped by Inuyasha and Kagome who later defeated the two brothers. He now travels with Inuyasha and Kagome and the other main characters.
by L. H. October 17, 2005
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This is a dick that a man tells you is HUGE but once in bed you find it to be of microscopic proportions.
Damn woman, don't go gettin' wit' him! He's nuttin' but a shippou!
by popacaponyoass January 29, 2004
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