standing next to a cook with the intentions of stealing their cooking techniques
this other cook was helping me in the kitchen until i realized he was shigging my ideas
by TTTTTTTTTTI December 18, 2009
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shigging (shig-ging) , 1. v. to enter a persons BBQ site with intent of stealing BBQ secrets in an effort to improve one's own BBQ score. 2. v. to position one's self to view the contents of the inside of a fellow competitors BBQ pit when it is opened
Their BBQ team could write a book about shigging other teams recipes and techniques.
by ACrom13 April 7, 2010
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'shig' is an acronym for 'See How It Goes'.
There were too many factors to plan out every detail of the trip, so we decided instead just to shig.
by Hooniverse September 4, 2015
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A strong niccy rush, usually from low quality/bootleg cigarettes that causes the immediate need to defecate.

Cig shits -> shig cits -> shigs
'The Bulgarian cigarettes we bought on holiday gave us the shigs'

'I'll take the shigs any day for a €2 pack of cigarettes'
by Блятьмэн December 15, 2017
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A rubbish night of sex with a slag.
by BettyJoy July 14, 2008
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A combination of shiv and shag, this is the term for shivving someone, and then fucking them. Rape is optional. Can be done vice-versa with a corpse if you're a fucking weirdo. Mainly done in south Brexit.

Just as the queen intended.
man1: oy i'm gonna shig you
woman: oh shit is that like a combination of shiv and shag
man1: what do you think bend over
by Steamkaptain November 3, 2021
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