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A word which seems to have been coined by the alleged Arab rock/rap group, Group X. The band has become very famous, considering that nobody has seen an ad for them on TV, heard an ad for them on the radio, or read one in a newspaper or magazine of any kind.
Shfifty five is a group x colloquialism for "fifty five".
Girlfriends Age? Shfifty Five
My IQ? Shfifty Five
You must pay... 5 + 5 = fifty fifty fifty, shifty five, siggady shwop shwow shwow shwow
by You don't need to know my name. February 14, 2005
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the title of a great song by group X. used to mean something epic and awesome.
Jenny: Dude, I just caught a fly with my chopsticks.
Maria: That's soo shfifty five.

Tom: *darts throught the sliding doors right as they're about to close*
Jeremy: *begins singing the song shfifty five*
by ur girlfriend May 01, 2010
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the greatest number known to man from the american word the fucking collest shit ever... ever.
john: how many times did u do that sweet ass trick?!?!
marcus: like shfifty five times!!!
by samuel adams January 27, 2005
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The areolas -- nipples...usually on a female; often used to insult fat men with puffy nipples/large bitch tits that one needs a bra to hold back.
Damn, get your shfifity-five up out this mug. Fukin tipples bouncing all over the place!
by signaling_suicide_failures March 10, 2004
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