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A wonderful person who is always trying their best. May occasionally go off tangent about the intricacies of a particular series, but can be typically found fidgeting with their hands or necklace while deep in thought. Enjoys impromptu improvisations and philosophical discussions. An overall great friend and a very affectionate child❤️
What is that sound?

Oh, must be Lovica tinkering around with (insert pronoun) guitar.
by BangtanPotato November 24, 2021
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- a girl that has very small eyes and likes to sleep in class
- a way of saying that you're stressed : lu stress-ya?
Guy 1: Are you sleeping?
Girl: No, I just have small eyes
Guy 2: Ah, no wonder you're stesya!(stress-ya)
by BangtanPotato April 23, 2018
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- a girl with kickass personality
- huge fan of Selena Gomez and BTS
- has the tendency to laugh extremely loud
- may be a bit crazy
Guy 1: Who's that dancing over there?
Guy 2: Oh you know, Sheryl...
by BangtanPotato April 23, 2018
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