As in reference to the British tank used in WWII, now denotes large females found at parties and other social gatherings (especially involving alcohol) that attempt to get play from unsuspecting males. Often, they are slow and clumsy, and are always extremely bulky. Approach with care.
Hey, check out Jimi over there being attacked by that real Sherman!
by C-Chilla January 09, 2006
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The act of doing something mischievous or incoherent while under the influence, intoxicated, or when something is wrong inside of the brain.
Jeff: Dude, I did something so sherman last night, I stole a cop car, took a diarrhea dump in the front seat, and went on the roof of the school and sprayed 'EAT PUSSY' on the top of the building.

Raymond: Dude, that's insane!
by cecesalavee April 19, 2010
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a low quality piece of fecal matter, of reasonable to heavy consistency. Typically extraordinarily large in size.
Feared for its chronic smell, it is usually a side product resulting from over indulging in alcoholic drinks.
"hey man, did you smell the sherman that joe left in the toilet this morning? It was a right monster".
by Joe Bailey Radiator Face December 07, 2008
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Another word used to describe the pieces of shit that hang on the hairs of your ass, see also clingons. Also a well know coniseur of the Dirty Bristow.
"I cant seem to shake these SHERMANS off!"
by Mike Sherman September 21, 2005
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