to get stabbed.
Gang Member: I will sheff you up.
Drug dealer: Oh shit sorry, i will get you the weed
by sheps_s February 15, 2017
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A sheff is a knife in U.K. slang.
PERSON 1: Yo, are you going to bring a sheff to the fight?
PERSON 2: Yeah but don't tell anyone.
by sheps_s December 21, 2016
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means to cook cocaine to form crack n den slang it.
Da sheff jus left wit a bag.
by Allahatopia November 23, 2018
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is a Flatbush, Brooklyn drill rapper. Sheff's real name is Michael Williams. He is half Haitian and Trinidadian. His main influences in his style of drill comes from Chiraq, as he grew up on Chief Keef, G Herbo and Lil Bibby. Sheff G is typical NYC Carribean guy, grew up with strict parents, yet always found ways to trouble. (Which is 1000% true, just go to where there's a lot of Haitians, Guyanese, Trini and Jamaicans, in particular the rastas; they're always giving the boys work.) He began rapping sometime in late 2016- early 2017, with one of his 1st releases 4 Them Racks dropping in April 2017. The song featured Sleepy Hallow, an artist Sheff G fans would become all too familiar with. In late 2018, Sheff and Sleepy dropped Flows easily one of their most successful songs to date. It wouldn't be until 2019 when Sheff established himself as a truly rising star, dropping tracks like Automatic and Tonight as singles, before dropping The Unluccy Luccy Kid in September. The album featured 14 songs, including Breesh, 8th Block, Feel Ah Way, the very popular We Getting Money and Designer. As of early 2020, Sheff has many unreleased track that have been leaked, but arent finished(as are most of his songs before they eventually drop, go check out 'Sheff G unreleased' on Youtube and SoundCloud, he got some fuego in the works.)
Yo bruh, you heard that new heat by Sheff G? That shit is the gas right now!

Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow finna take over the rap game in 2020, them boys already got Brooklyn and Queens lit.

My guy Sheff G can really spit. That whole 1st verse on Flows was dope bruh!
by 1mp3r\/10u$_0n3 February 27, 2020
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brooklyn rapper, part of m8v3n gang. he don’t fuck with the blixkys. his most fire songs are disrespect, no suburban, panic part 1 2 and 3.
yo you heard panic, part 3 by Sheff G?
by marshawn_lynch November 7, 2018
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