The best rapper ever outta Chicago also the most humble rapper out there on bro. G Herbo previous went by lil herb and now by G Herbo, (G) Swervo. You won’t understand Herbo unless you from the streets as he paints how life’s like in the hood. Herbo really helps me get through day to day life as he’s relatable and only spits real fire music. Everyone who sleepin on G Herbo wake the fuck up or I’m pullin up to where yo mama stay at, nah but for real go bump some G Herbo.
Ayo checkout that “Malcolm”, “Outro”, “Gutta” “XXL”, “Real”, “Street” and every other song by G Herbo shits fire and life changing!
by KiingShooter November 13, 2019
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Something you say when you mean something for real. Like "on god" or "on my momma"
Person 1: ayo you sure you aren't gonna tell
Person 2: on G herbo bro I gotchu
by Biglisowski February 28, 2019
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