the female equivalent of a "tea bag." where the girl runs up and rubs her genetalia in/on someones face.
"He thought he was so cool for tea bagging me, but last night i totally she bagged him."
by dont faaackin worry about it February 9, 2008
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The female equivalent of a douchebag, or "d-bag".
Guy 1: "I was talking to this chick at the bar who kept going on and on about LA this and LA that. Turns out she was from Oakland or something."

Guy 2: "Sounds like a total she bag."

Guy 3: "Yep."
by Aaron Doobs February 3, 2010
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The act of placing your vagina on an unsuspecting, unaware, or unconscious persons head or face; the female equivalent of teabagging.
Her sorority is notorious for she-bagging, Kaden passed out hard at the party and Destiny pulled of her thong and she-bagged him.
by JackAwful October 3, 2014
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A douche bag, but referring to a person whose sex you are uncertain of.
- Dude, you know Chris Crocker on youtube?
- The homewrecking "girl"?
- Yeah, she's such a dude-she-bag!
by Bountyliciousss April 16, 2009
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Similar to male teabagging, a female squats over someone’s face and lowers her vagina onto the person. She Bag is used as a practical joke or prank when performed on someone who is passed out or asleep. It can also be a sexual act as well.
At the sorority house last night, silly Sally drank 3 bottles of Boone's Farm wine passed out on the floor again, but this time the whole pledge class gave her a She Bag! Like, tots embarrassing!
by Dick B. Tricklin July 4, 2018
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