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Shawnel a boy/girl name. Very insecure of themselves and picks of every bad thing about them. Has their off days and when it is, they pretend like nothing happened to everyone around them, but cries in their bedroom alone. Loves music and can sing very well. Dreams that life could be perfect and wishes that people would actually care about them and love them. Rather have one best friend than 1,000 fake ones. Is either very pretty/ handsome or very ugly. Always puts others needs in front of themselves and an introvert because of that. Never let her go because she will leave an empty space in your life. Worries about every little thing and wishes that they could fit in. Weird and funny and always tries to please everyone else instead of themselves. Will do anything to fit in.

Has very big butts and the most meaningful eyes you’ll ever see. Can’t keep their hand away from their hair for five seconds. If they did, they’d need to rush to a mirror.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about that new girl Shawnel?

Person 2: Yeah, she seems like she has everything getting together in life.
by FrillyPinkPrincess876 December 04, 2017
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