The name of a mean woman who beat another woman outside of a school.
Two woman argue

Shaquisha beats girl.
GIRL: Shaquisha, stop!
by que-pasta January 16, 2014
Just some random ass name it aint my name like most people who post on here
Shaquisha where u at ?
by Thejumacatedscholar February 27, 2019
A black woman who dosent give a shit about what you do
Yo Shaquisha im going to leave u with two kids!
by Blacks 101 February 13, 2018
A girl who is slightly psychotic, she raps about killing people, amd her dads anus cancer. Can be genuine when you get to know her, but is rabid dog towards any white boy that dares to approach her.
I am terrified of Shaquisha
I know, I pissed myself
by FatGrannyTitties October 3, 2020
Every girl named Shaquisha is a black bad bitch who could never, would never, cant ever, won't ever, couldn't ever, shouldn't ever and SHANT EVER be like anyone else 💅🏼
"Shaquisha is the baddest she ain't like nobody else."

"I wish I was like Shaquisha she a baddie"
by baddie.Tingz March 3, 2021