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Comes from Bulgarian slang. Pronounced : "shanoe" It could mean:

1) A way to address someone who you think's really cool and respectable. What you would call a playa

2) An adjective describing something. It could be either something really sleek and expensive, or something really cool that looks expensive, but is in fact cheap.

A: Hey shano, can you borrow me a grand?

B: Anytime, playa.


A: I bought some shano shoes.

B: Wow they're really nice. How much did u pay for them?
A: $2.


A: My parents bought me a shano watch for my graduation. (shows the watch)

B: A golden Rolex, damn!
by sveti_shano_birminghamski October 24, 2009
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word reffering to the anti anti human,
arch enemy of all religions, cults and human kind.
word used to describle the leader cunt of all cunts,
absorbs all hope from humanity, through unique glands in his neck.
i feel cold honey, oh my god, is that bush weezing?! OH GOD ITS A SHANO! AHHHH
by tonyfergo April 11, 2008
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