The 3rd person derivative of shanking.
The act of stabbing someone with a crude, knife-like weapon.
C: *shanks*
J: *bleeds out on your carpet* HAH.
C: -_-""
by tooloftheday September 22, 2008
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To stab someone quickly and repeatedly in the side or lower back, usually with a shiv or, occasionally, a spork.
Dude, I totally just got shanked by that guy.
Your kidneys are bleeding. Did someone shank you?
It is impossible to shank The Unshankable Man.
by Heretic666 June 23, 2005
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This is what amazing people say rather than saying "thanks."
Marko: Your a genious, bffl!
Me: Shanks!
by Bffl8 December 12, 2009
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To stab someone in Gears of War 3 with your Retro Lancer
Hey cover me guys, I'm gonna go shank someone for a stylish kill!
by Shiny Zebra September 27, 2011
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a prisoner-made knife like weapon usually made of metal. the first such weapons were fashioned form the metal shanks on prison issue boots. because of this, most modern prisons no longer issue prisoners boots with metal shanks
Cricket always makes the best shanks for 20 cigarettes and a pair of boots.
by Capt_capacitor July 12, 2005
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A cross between "thanks" and "shucks" used to express an especially flattered thank you.
Person #1: What an unparalleled nutritionist you are! Surely, you must be the best in all the world!

Person #2: Aw, you don't say. Shanks!
by bedes October 05, 2006
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As in golf when the golfer misses the intended target,too in vaginal intercourse the target is missed.While in the missionary position during the intensity of the moment if the males back stroke is to great it can result in a missed target.Instead of the penis re-entering the pussy the penis enters the females anus.Unlike golf the shanker might get delight from it.
Two co-workers {Mike and Harry}at the water cooler monday morning."Mike what did you do this weekend"?"I went golfing"."How did you do"?"I would've done o.k. but I Shanked it on the 9th hole"."That sucks"."So how about you what did you get into this weekend Harry"?"I shanked one too"."Oh yea,did you go golfing too"?"Na,me and the old lady was fuckin and I messed up my back stroke and buried it in her ass".Harry and Mike high five each other.
by The Shankmister March 12, 2011
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