Shanee is a very smart,funny, kind, beautiful girl who has a best friend named Olivia. she is the perfect girlfriend and loves food. she loves dancing and singing and loves spending time with her friends and family. she is the perfect friend for anyone.
wow! shanee is so nice!
by danetworkqueen October 10, 2018
1. to be completely out going and loud.
2. to have the ability to stand on stage and be heard.
3. to understand everything without learning about it.
4. to have a best friend named Lindsey.
5. to be known by unknown people.
6. to have humor out the wazoo.
wow, you are really a shanee kind of person!
by Shanee` May 23, 2008
He's a beautiful man, GORGEOUS gray-blue eyes and a laidback mysterious mood that would make any grown woman fall in love. Very tall and sexy. Shane is a legend with legs. His smile is to-die-for and you'll probably get lost in his eyes. A little shy at first, but once you get to know him, he's intimidating. He's also a classic golf player. Shane. The word itself rolls off your tongue like silk or midnight oil. Shane, I need you in my life.
OMGG did you see Shane today at school, I think he glanced at me! he's such a snack

i want to date Shane soo bad, he's at my church group

P.S. Shane if you see this, give me a simple thumbs up and say the word "urban." ill know. ILYSM
by StripeGirl18 October 2, 2018
Sexy, funny, sweet, a bit of an asshole. He has a naughty mouth and a rapier wit. He has gorgeous blue eyes and a devilish smile that makes you wonder what he is thinking, though he will never tell you. He has the most random thoughts and can make you laugh until you cry.
Shane is amazing...
by Hisgirl4eva January 31, 2012
A boy with the biggest heart, but sometimes doesn't know what to do with it. Dates around but treats his women like gold while he has them. He has six different smiles, and beautiful eyes that show everything he's feeling if you pay attention. Has a good head on his shoulders, knows he'll get somewhere in life, and who he wants beside him while he's getting his life together. Would do anything for someone he loves, especially family. Can make you laugh, cry, smile, and angry all in the same day. Loves to argue, sports, and his little sister. Everything you could want in a man, and someone you'd be lucky to marry.
by GirlNextDoor13 December 19, 2011
A man of mystery, (Majestical Master)

Full of surprises. Jekyl and Hyde.

Each day is different when you know a Shane. Loving and attentive on good days. Snappy the Crocodile the next. However its impossible to stop loving him. He will give you guidance in many of lifes challenges, but he is a comedian/illusionist so have a gamble and enjoy the ride.

Shane is addictive... give a little. Take a little.

Somewhere over the rainbow the man will send you if you are lucky enough to meet him.
Shane is a priveledge and must be treated accordingly

Share a drop of heaven.
No gag. No go

And Mine
SHANE (Majestical master ),the one the only pussy whisperer
by Stunnedmulletfuck March 6, 2018