Shaddai is an amazing person
She is a sweet kind person that will always have your back. She is a great loyal friend. Shaddai is trust worthy and will always be there for you. She doesn't like to show her emotions
trust shaddai
by HenrEyGIll November 11, 2019
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A guy who is really gross but if you get to him, is really funny and chill
Yeah, me and shaddai went to the movies.
by Spoopy420 March 13, 2017
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Shadday is a trust worthy,smart,crazy,annoying girl.She could also be very passionate.She will get revenge if mad
by March 31, 2018
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A super shy guy at first but once you get to know him he's really chill and funny
That guy Shaddai is really COOL!
by NotHiban11 February 16, 2018
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shaddai is Hebrew for mountain, but usually it's plural; shaddayim. The slang is saying mountains to mean tits. This gets a little deeper because it is customary to refer to the Hebrew God as El Shaddai, since Moses got the law on Mt Sinai from God, hence God of the Mountain.
When you said El Shaddai gave you those stone things you really meant you were talking to a couple of shaddayim.
by Richard808 February 27, 2021
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Is a chill and funny guy and cute and when u get to know him he is so nice and gets that money and cute
Oh hi shaddai brantley can I be your friend, Me sure , Friend, u cute and chill
by Swag_boii_king💪 December 15, 2017
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