A smart intelligent girl she is very unique with hidden beauty in and out of her she is extremely nice and can make u happy anytime she is the girl of ur dreams if u have a shadan u have everything.
I wanna be shadan
by Dshyks May 03, 2017
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Shadan is a persian name which means happy. It means the person bearing this name also tend to be very cheerful. Shadan people are courageous, intelligent, mysterious, trustworthy and extreme lovers. They possess many other great quallities but keep them hidden because they do not like showing greatness. Shadan people are generally happy because they are capable to finding happiness in every condition. They are great friends and partners. They are possessive and romantic lovers. Overall , if you have a shadan , you have found a gem.
All my friends are boring, I wish I had some shadan too
by Sy1459 December 15, 2018
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someone who does extremely disgusting things
1. Oh, My God! did you see that shadan yesterday? She totally rolled a tampon in Nicky's shirt! Gross!

2. Please, DON'T be a shadan!
by Nicole Wry August 15, 2007
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