A cross between a shirt and a jacket similar to the apparel of builders.
Hey hans, take off that sexy shacket and come on over here baby.
by crumply June 7, 2006
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A jacket one might wear regularly while shitting
Anyone seen my shacket i need to shit really bad!!!!
by gregory munch May 17, 2009
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(n.) Hybrid of Jacket and Shirt
I liked the way the shacket looked on you.
by millertime643 November 22, 2011
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A shacket is mixture of the word shirt and jacket. It is as shirt with long jacket sleeves, a hood, and fabric that has the thickness of a jacket. It doesn't have a zipper in which most jackets have that why shirt is part of the word.
"Wow, Bob's wearing one gnarly shacket today."

"Dude, that is one rad shacket."
by Coly😋 May 31, 2015
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The shacket was so named after a young, dynamic and trend setting law student, Alex Chelesnik when she purchased an oversized mens shirt and wore it as a jacket around NYC.
by HMG1964 January 1, 2022
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1. A short jacket

2. A word used in anger that sounds like a slur but isn't
"Hey I like your shacket."
"You're a shacket, you hear me"
by clarbwastaken February 1, 2022
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