a type of dance move when a person dramatically falls backward into a struck pose on the ground; typically used to end a performance, intimidate a dance competitor, or as a show of excitement; often provoked by someone elongating the word 'and'; commonly seen within gay social dance events; also called the death drop.

"That hoe was tryin' to call me out at the club last night when she shablammed on the dance floor."

"She broke out the Beyonce 'Sing Ladies' choreography, then wrapped up the show with a shablam. She a bad bitch."
by Kray Shay February 26, 2012
random word of excitement. most commonly used while drinking and toasting.
say it with me...shablam!
by guammy May 5, 2007
to not release fucking teasers for an upcoming game
Imma shablam and leave my community in shambles
by JustDance2022Flop August 19, 2021
Man, I ain't gonna take on that guy. He's freaking shablam!
by Sizzle October 15, 2003
When canceling out mathematical terms, one must yell... SHABLAM!
Mr. Tree, those x’s cancel out, therefore we shall shablam it
by wigetthemidget October 27, 2018
when a bitch gets on your nerves you slap the fuck out of her and make her cheeks all red!
johnny you better SHABLAM that bitch before i do!

why is your cheek red susan? Oh no reason johnny and his friends just SHABLAMED me!
by daddyjayms May 18, 2009