22 definitions by liberty

bust-up (broken)
by liberty September 16, 2003
Well is used instead of really nowdays because people who speak english correctly are considered to be un-cool by chav idiots, it used to be only used by such idiots but now they've ruined the english language for a lot of other people and decent people have started saying it. The correct way to use the world well is at the start of a sentance.
Stupid dumbass chav way: That's well gay.

Correct way: Well You were kinda mean.
Well nevermind.
Well, I'm off.
by liberty March 28, 2005
Rag-a-muffin or raggedy street youth or street youth style
u look ragga
by liberty November 26, 2003
a female or male that is addicted to the feeling of jizz inbetween their tounge and cheek
that bitch is the biggest fucking jizz monkey out there.
by liberty November 20, 2004
that cottony little device that females cram up their crotches to stop the bleeding during their period
i need to go to the store to buy some crammers
by liberty November 20, 2004