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1.) To masturbate
2.)Forget Blink 182-3- and 4, Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI as they are known to their loyal fans) is a punk band in its truest form whose name manifests itself during their incendiary live shows. Their music is a hybrid of Atari driven electronics with a venomous splash of A.D.D Punk Rock. MSI is the breath of fresh air that is sure to offend your p.c. restrained, category demanding, humorless peers.
I totally msi'd last night. it was great
ORRR That msi show last night was better then masturbating, or even real sex. I kissed Jimmy Urine for only a dollar!
by liberty May 06, 2004

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reggae dancehall music/dance
Remember the Bashment FM 87.5?
see smashed it
by liberty September 18, 2003

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clean, fresh, tight, neatl'e shaven and fragrant pussy dat drive man fuckin' wile an insane wi' passion
A) She av'a nice pussy
B) Dat pussy was POOM rudbai!
by liberty November 26, 2003

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a situation that's tedious and stressfull
A)next man's fone's off
B)long ting
by liberty September 18, 2003

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Well is used instead of really nowdays because people who speak english correctly are considered to be un-cool by chav idiots, it used to be only used by such idiots but now they've ruined the english language for a lot of other people and decent people have started saying it. The correct way to use the world well is at the start of a sentance.
Stupid dumbass chav way: That's well gay.

Correct way: Well You were kinda mean.
Well nevermind.
Well, I'm off.
by Liberty March 28, 2005

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that oh so special place between every little boy and girls legs
" I told Father John to keeps his hands off of my special happy no-no place.
by liberty November 19, 2004

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old skool garage raver term for good
this tune's shabby rudeboy
by liberty September 16, 2003

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