Same Fanbase Factor
This relates to the GameFAQs polls where two characters have the same fanbase, such as Zelda/Mario.
HOLY CRAP, Metroid got beat by SFF!
by The Cryptic July 26, 2006
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So Freaking Funny (usually sarcastic)
"Your face looks like a rat, because you have huge teeth!," Josh said.

"Wow. Sff," Jeremy replied.
by Mialynn13 March 28, 2015
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Sneeze Fetish Forum: an online community for people with a kink for sneezing, also called SF community or just SF.
Dude did you see that post on SFF last night? That hentai girl sneezing on her tits was hot!
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Short hand term used when texting which means Spontaneously Fucking Funny! This term is to be used only when something is quick, witty, and off the cuff. This term is not to be overused! sff puts an lol to shame!
U R sff! It turns me on!:-)
by notnicole November 27, 2011
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