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verb; the act of having sex on a certain object or within a certain place.
Hey, let's you and me go sexecute this roof.

There are a few items on the list of 100 things to do before I graduate that I need to sexecute in my time at Cornell.
by cupcake23 April 21, 2007
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: to use for sex immediately before rejecting/eliminating/ or in extreme (hopefully fictional!!) cases, actually killing.
Nailing your subordinate employee immediately before arranging for her to be fired. "Sexecute" usually describes a situation involving a person, usually a woman, of such conniving evil that they desperately deserve to be executed, or should be executed for the public/group good before they cause further/ inevitable problems, HOWEVER: is also a person of such sexual appeal that it would be criminal to waste their hotness, hence they need "Sexecution" before removal/shunning/etc
by Coyote315 January 05, 2011
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To have sexified and cuted.
I had done up au great sexification wit duh missus course she is be my sister. and i got meself sexecuted for done said actions. prior, er, previous. in the buttocks.
by bryab! May 16, 2003
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ZoΓ« is the only person that I know that is very cute and very sexy at the same time, she’s very Sexecute.
by Sexecute creator November 05, 2018
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