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to exaggerate the sweetness a sexual experience
he was sexaggerating his sex story of him on the plane.
by Sean Weston October 09, 2003
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To exaggerate sexual encounters to make others jealous.
Tom had to sexaggerate last night, in order to 'up' his friends. Of course, no three lesbian girls had gone home with him at all.
by Citronic July 09, 2007
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To exaggerate the amount of sexual partners one really has.
Alex said he hooked up with 4 different chicks last night!
He is always trying to sexaggerate.
by Jokerfail July 19, 2009
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to blow your sexual experiences way out of proportion
Bob: dude did u hear about mark's all-nighter with jessie?
Bill: yeah, he sexaggerates too much.
by porschephile January 07, 2009
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