any form or labor in relationship to selling intercourse. not to be confused with prostitution. sex work can be either voluntary or forced, commonly through coercion or sex-trafficking. can be empowering for those who make the active choice to engage in this genre of labor or tremendously disempowering for those forced into this type of work against their will.
sex work is a heated topic in feminist discourse.
by WOST312 May 17, 2009
You were so bored, you decided to type in the categories, didn't you? Ok. You can do that, if you want.
Guy 1: What are the categories on Urban Dictionary?
Guy 2: I know! They are name music sex drugs work college internet religion sports food.
Guy 1: How did you remember that?
Guy 2: I don't know.
by Sudo Nim? May 31, 2018