the lovely little town,

located on no map, and home to old retired cranks.

loads of fun, extremely quiet, and utterly B-O-R-I-N-G!


by overlykrazy213 August 28, 2008
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The safest and most sheltered high school in the world.
Mr. Francis: Someone graffitied on the wall. SOUND THE ALARMS

Student: aka someone wrote Brott blows in pencil at four corners.

Mr. Brott: Someone wrote an inappropriate definition of seven hills online. NO ONE TALK ABOUT IT!! DON'T OVERREACT! I will contact urban dictionary immediately and have them take it down.

Only at The Seven Hills School
by privateschoolpeeps February 19, 2012
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The best school in Cincinnati. For incredibly artsy, intelligent and rich kids. Everyone there is incredibly kind and personable.
Jim: "Ahh that guy is so nice and artsy! Where does he go to school"

Sara: "Oh he must go to The Seven Hills School..."
by AIGHEOB June 3, 2011
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Academic school and has amazing teachers who KNOW and CARE about you, subjects they teach, and school environment. Student body are NOT SOCIAL CLIMBERS and encourage diversity! Compassion and inclusiveness drives this unique learning environment... only at Seven Hills.
SEVEN HILLS SCHOOLS: "Did you see all the clubs you can join?" "Yeah, man, only at Seven Hills..."

"I can go to Prom my freshman year?" "Yeah, man, only at Seven Hills"

"Why are the teachers so nice here?" "I don't know, man, only at Seven Hills..."
by #creativeperspective September 23, 2018
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