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An honest girl.she cares a lot about her friends and the people around if she's ever in yo business it means she cares a lot and want to look out for you. She also very insecure and she cares what people say about her...when she's sad she just paints a smile on her face like there's nothing wrong but inside she is hurting on what people say about her but she learned how to keep her head high up
by Deeznutzsuckass July 23, 2016
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A girl that is super chill and cool, but yet is a weirdo and kinda creepy. Overall this girl is so dope and amazing beautiful person that everyone should have in their lives.
Person 1: Yo that chick is amazing!

Person 2: Yea dude, that girl is Sevara. She's the most amazing person you will ever meet.
by miamivera August 12, 2017
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