A person named after an ancient Egyptian pharoah. A name that carries with it natural aristocracy.

A modern Seti lives his life like in ancient king. He wears the finest linens, cultivates his vast intellect, and has an eye for the most exquisite women.

A warrior, a poet, an orator, a leader of men, even a sex god - a Seti is all that is admirable in manly men.
"Holy shit that dude built a fucking pyramid" - dude
"He must be a Seti" - dude #2
by MustaphaM0nd September 20, 2009
"That dude over there hardly knows who he be"
"Must be a sety"
by Adam251 August 2, 2007
A group of volunteers donating their computer's processing power to SETI. This is usually accomplished by volunteers setting their screen saver to be a special program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.
by w00tw00t April 6, 2003
A waste of computer resources. See: Big Dump
Person A: Man, my computer isn't even loading Internet Explorer!
Person B: Well, besides that.. you're running Seti@Home!
by blimphead July 2, 2005
E-SETI (Extended SETI) is the name of a hypothetical SETI-related project that would be focused on the search for post-physical and post-biological life forms, mainly through the development of hypothetical post-physical telescopes and post-biological telescopes. The main objective of E-SETI would be to search for post-physical and post-biological life forms, including robotic extraterrestrials, extraterrestrials in a "posthuman" condition, postphysical extraterrestrials, extraterrestrials that exist beyond the physical and space-time and also extraterrestrials that could be classified as "gods" and "spiritual beings".
E-SETI is a good idea and it should be better developed.
by Dumugian January 2, 2022
Seti known for having a big cockaria
Teti seti hoiyeahhh
by Ryuguji November 22, 2021