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A forbidden love. Whether, it's because of parents, culture, or teachers, it's prohibited. But that doesn't stop these two people from F***ING every single day! Sometimes more than once ;)The cedar tree, which is what this ship is named after, is a symbol of the pining love; the cedar tree's smell is so strong, just like the smell of Seter's essence.
Seter gets me horny. I wish me and my girlfriend f***ed everyday like them. They're forbidden to see each other, yet they still have the greatest sex every. single. day. Me and my girlfriend live together and we barely do it.
by hungry.howie July 24, 2016
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The ship of most epic proportions. The modern day romance of Romeo and Juliet. Synonymous with true love and having strong intermolecular libido. Sometimes the fucking is so hard, it mimics the hardness of a cedar tree, which is how they got their name.
Woah, I wish my boyfriend and I were like Seter; we fuck every day like them! I give him boners :) Sometimes, I see my boyfriend jerking off to the song of Seter including the bonus track in their We Fuck Everyday album. His essence tastes so savory like umami. I could sprinkle it on my dinner. Heck, I could even have his semen straight up as a full course meal! Man, his long john is so long I can feel the life of Seter inside of me jamming its way to the G spot.
by toonya July 23, 2016
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