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A person who apologizes for other's mistakes.
S.Keyser is serged, I stamped on him and he apologized to me.
by supermuffy May 26, 2009
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When a sad, lonely, emo boi spic gets ditched by an african female chimpanzee, he will "serge" her by blackmailing her to stay with him, wanking to her black breasts, going completely emo mode over her, and will constantly call her 'dude' and 'man'. 1 upvote = 1 fucking cutie man
"My girl left me so i sent her this":

"I love you Sophia
I've been doing my best the last couple days I swear man
Please Sophia I love you
I love you man you're breaking my heart
I love you Sophia
You're my fucking cutie man
I'm so fucking sad man
I'm sorry as fuck dude
I'm fucking sad man

Nah dude you're my girl man
I love you way too much man
I'm fucking sad as fuck man"

Nigga, you serged her.
by EmoboiSerge May 13, 2019
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