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The day after September 10 and before September 12.
Kid A: "What day is it today?"
Kid B: "Why its September 11 of course."
Kid A: "How peculiar! Time really flies you know."
Kid B: "aye"
by RC September 10, 2005
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The unforgetable day for many Americans. Family and friends have died and has been injured.

---Someone who was there when it happened---
P.S- i was on the middle floors, we were evacuated quickly.
News: A 6 year old child is left without anyone in this world. All he had left was his mother and she was killed in the September 11 Tragedy.

That was my little cousin.
by Angel Of Death 101 January 07, 2006
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The day that changed America forever.
Big-ups to evryone who gave the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11. My heart goes out to all of you.
by bigtones January 12, 2005
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The eleventh day of the ninth month. Also it typically the eleventh day of the first acedemic month.
Tim: hey berry what day is it?
Berry : why, its September 11.

Tim: I hate the eleventh day of school. I rember 12 days ago when I had nothing to do with my life.
by Kule benio August 03, 2017
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A day that our government tried to cover up lots of things.
September 11:

* Only 600,000 dollars was used to investigate 9/11. 40 million was used to investigate Clinton's sex life. Something's very screwed up there. o_O

* A plane was never found at the Pentagon. The hole was about 64 feet wide, the plane that supposedly crashed into it was twice the width. How could such a large plane leave such a small hole? So what happened to Flight 77 if it was never found at the Pentagon site? Probably shot down. Dick Cheney ordered planes to be shot down during 9/11. Later he denied it.

* Only one surveillance tape was shown to the public about the Pentagon strike. Why weren't the others shown? What happened to the other cameras? Every inch of the Pentagon is under surveillance.

* The gas station across the street from the Pentagon had surveillance of the attack on the Pentagon. The Feds confisgated that tape and it was never shown to the public.

* World Trade Center number 7 was reduced to a small pile of dust. No plane hit it. No debris from the other towers collapsed on it. It was made from a steel frame (as was the other Towers). Fires do not reduce steel framed buildings to small piles of dust. Upon inspection on the video of 9/11, the building imploded, then collapsed. The only logical reason for this is demolition. Controlled demolition takes two weeks to plan. Obviously, somebody in this country knew about it prior to 9/11...

* As mentioned before, fires do not destroy steel frames. Jet fuel cannot destroy them either. Hotel Windsor burned for 24 hours and still stood. The Towers burned for several hours before collapsing. Explosions occurred before they collapsed; steel beams were flying out sideways to prove this (also witnesses will tell you they heard explosions). The Twin Towers (if they were only hit by planes as the media claims) should've only collapsed at the top, not completely. A controlled demolition can make the WTC collapse completely, though.

* If you look closely at the planes, they have something attatched to the bottom of them (I don't know if anybody's even sure if they were American Airline flights that hit the WTC; for all we know, the American Airlines flights were shot down and different planes hit the WTC instead. The footage isn't exactly clear, so...); at contact with the WTC, there's a small reflection/explosion before they hit. I'm not sure what this is.

* Not long after 9/11, FEMA told the public that it was safe to breath the air and drink the water. The air really contained 400,000 pounds of lead, over 200,000 pounds of asbestos, radioactive americuim 241 from thousands of smoke detectors, highest vanadium ever recorded, and more than enough mercury to contaminate 2,500 city blocks. As a result, children in nearby schools developed serious respiratory problems, half of those who cleaned have serious health problems, hundreds of firefighters can no longer work, and fourteen rescue dogs died all thanks to our government's lies.
by Briannia September 12, 2005
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A day where a wealthy group of decision-makers decided to execute the biggest hoax in modern history as a pretext for military justification in Iraq. A move that cost the United States billions of dollars, in turn to spend even billions of more dollars for war, with an ultimate goal to make trillions of dollars after gaining control of Iraqi oil. The American media is a catalyst for this self-inflicting behavior taken on by the government because it refuses to address the real issues. (All networks, that is). Even the so-called "liberal media" such as comedy central does a flabbergastingly horrible job at explaining the truth.
383 firefighters were killed, and who investigated? the NY Police department? the FBI? no.... actually it was FEMA, who answers directly to President Bush.
Have steel structures ever collapsed as a result of fire? Three times in world history according to our government. World Trade Centers 1, 2, and 7 all collapsed because of fires, officially. When in actuality, building 7 collapsed in under 7 seconds, almost at free-fall speed. a controlled demolition.
That steel should have been studied for years since september 11th for our better understanding of why the collapse happened and how to prevent similar situations in the future. but sadly Mayor Giuliani had all the steel shipped overseas at a discounted rate. blatant destruction of evidence.
After the day of the attacks, building 7 was never addressed by any mainstream media. And never mentioned once in the completely bogus 500+ page congressional report of 9/11.

a sad day for our nation to self-inflict a wound.
"Holy shit! the media is controlled by the government! September 11 was a way for America to indulge in its favorite pastime, war, and to re-engineer America into a police state, to capture Americans as political slaves!"
"well no shit!"
by mark k October 24, 2006
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