Someone you look up too or is older than you.Karate teachers etc.are often called 'Sensai'
Friend 1:I hate this class!
Friend 2:Shut up Sensai will hear you!
by Lenka Kagamine November 22, 2014
someone who has taught you most of what you know
on any matter
damn, i just can't get past this level better hit up the sensay
by reyeskid April 29, 2007
He who is one with himself that everyone aspires to be.
My friend, Freddie, is the penultimate masturbator who everyone else wants to learn from. So he is known as Sensai-Bator.
by RemiDidIt June 4, 2017
To hold your dick in both hands and slap your beloved across the face, as if you were chopping off their head.
"Hold your head up so that I can't Sensai-Slap you with my sword!"
"Jack Sensai-Slapped the shit out of me the other night and I can't move my neck!"
by toastanddogs September 1, 2015
A big pp'd uwu femboy who is also a giant prick and eats alot despite being thinner then a fucking lampost
Person1: is that kaiba-sensai because that dude looks like a prick
Person2: could be let's go ask
by Kaiba-sensai April 25, 2021
A driving instructor, an adult that'll drive with you when you have your learners permit, and/ or anyone teaching you how to drive from the passenger seat.
Person A: Hey I heard you got your permit, lets go somewhere
Person B: Nah I can't, my mom won't be Shotgun Sensai.

Person A: Wanna go to the mall friday?
Person B: I can't, I have a lesson with my Shotgun Sensai.
by Dizzymisslizzi April 3, 2009