A word to describe an individual who is old, very old, too old to still be doing his job. Probably too old to be alive, or someone who loves communism/socialism or loves fidel castro
"Bernie Sanders is a senile old fool.."

"Ocassio Cortez is always one slip up away from being a senile fool.."
by Yanggangerrr March 17, 2020
When someone at your work keeps telling you the same story over and over again. They have told so many people they cant remember who they told.
Bob is getting Shop Senile, he's told me that same story about him being pronounced dead in the bathtub 5 times.
by Dullishpage January 18, 2019
Having a penis that can no longer erect, ejaculate or no longer be used for everyday, hackneyed activities.
Tim has a senile penile, he no longer has sexual activity. It might also be due to the fact that he has a penehead
by Vrider January 25, 2008
Uttered after a memory lapse or a brief interruption to intelligence affectionately or laughingly attributed to age.
1) A: Where did I put my pen?

B: It's there in front of you!

A: Doh! Senility rocks!

2) A: Did I tell you I'm going out tomorrow?

B: You did - seven times now.

A: Oops - Senility Rocks
by MarcFxxx November 3, 2010
When seated between two geezers, and forced to hear inane and/or poorly heard conversations.
I was in a senile sandwich on the plane ride home, seated between two old ladies who couldn't hear each other's conversation.
by dream luvva April 7, 2015
When a boomer fails to acknowledge a mental lapse.
The suggestion to inject disinfectant to cure Covid19 by our president, is the best example of senile denial I have ever seen.
When the old guy in the car in the left turn lane in front of you has his right turn signal blinking.
OMG, he's got the wrong turn signal on again…must be a severe case of senile turnmentia...
by tanker177 January 28, 2011