Sempai is a Japanese honorific made popular in English dubs. It means 'mentor' or 'senior', depending on the context.

Not to be confused with the Malaysian street slang 'sempoi' or my friend Kambink_Sempoy.
"Ash introduced me to the blogging world, my blogger sempai" -Nadya
by Ash of Rilated April 11, 2005
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It's "senpai" not "sempai"
by EllieB28 August 20, 2019
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A term of respect for an some older than you. Typically someone you look up to.
There’s John-sempai he’s an Upperclassman
by [REDACTED] 029 July 16, 2018
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A Person who likes to watch anime and likes to play roblox at the same time. They usally are very covering and sometimes they may wear bags.
"Are you becoming a Sempai now?!"
by BellTheBigHead February 8, 2020
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An anime tv show that has two main character, one of them being a girl dressed up in a bunny suit (some of the time) and the other is a guy that love her.
1. Just finished mha last week.
2. Well you should try bunny girl sempai.
by Ghost123139402 August 24, 2021
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