Selvage and selvedge mean exactly the same thing - different companies spell it differently and there apparently is no "right" way to spell it. It comes from the phrase "self-edge" which refers to the edge being finished by the loom instead of sewn together after weaving. thanks Geowu. Selvage is the term commonly used to refer to denim that has been produced on a shuttle loom. Since the amount of fabric produced from a shuttle loom is significantly narrower than a projectile (wide) loom, the cotton consumption is higher and the time required is greater. In selvage jeans, you will see the actual edge of the fabric where the weaving stops and is finished by the loom, as opposed to denim woven on a projectile loom, where the fabric has been cut off at the ends. The "redline" selvage is Levi's signature and was used in all their jeans up to 1982, before Cone Mills nixed them for the more modern projectile looms, which are faster and much more efficient.
I've sold brand new raw selvedge Evisu's
by vadikk August 29, 2007
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Selvedge is a middle school where all the kids won’t shut up (like many places). Being emo is apparently a big joke and all the popular kids are dumb and short and a lot of them simp hard for that red hair singer guy (Ed sheeran)
Oh no it’s selvedge kids hide your Ed Sheeran posters or they will uh… I’m done here
by Frostyw1nter February 17, 2022
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