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Someone who takes selfies for the purpose of catching a picture of someone conveniently in the background.
Ever notice how every selfie this chick has conveniently catches someone in the background like she only took that pic to catch Johnny cheating on his gf.

I know she is a total selfarazzi.
by BrandtJohnson February 28, 2018
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selfarazzi: a person that is so totally absorbed in themselves and/or their cellphone/smartphone/photogear that they take numerous pictures of themselves in all sorts of places and situations. They become their own, personal paparazzi photographer, following themselves all over the globe, photo device in hand, pointed with the taking lens at themselves.
The ultimate goal of a selfarazzi is to post their work on any media that is available, thinking that the person with the most views, or "hits", will win the ultimate prize. Striking oneself while being a selfarazzi enhances the results.
Devices used would include video gear as well, where the selfarazzi would have a continuous look at themselves on a never ending loop. videographer
Pictures, or video taken with the aid of a mirror also fall under this definition.
Dude, quit being a selfarazzi!
by scrydad June 01, 2014
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