The game with logic that makes sense but doesnt make sense at all because the hitboxes are more broken then your moms back when you step on the crack
Hey dude Rainbow six seige is awsome watch me headshot this ash wait never fucking mind cause ash is a bitch ass quere whore
by Sugmavagdaddy July 31, 2019
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A game for those men who actually prefer a god game over a shit game of csgo
I’m a go play seige as in god game RAINBOW six seige
by Pussygangslayer March 22, 2018
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The act of bring a straight hand to your chest then raising your hand out in a salute while doing a high five.
Adolf wanted to give Shanequa a seig heil five but she rejected him.
by nomadwillie April 5, 2009
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you spelled "siege" wrong. you go to urban dictionary to lift your spirits after your friends made fun of you for being an idiot. you are an idiot
Brian: dude that dickhead john cant even play Rainbow Six Seige
Brad: lol tf is "seige"? is that some sort of anime nerd thing? piss off
by DoesntMatterKids June 25, 2020
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when ur friend has a spaztic arm
look at him seig
by EpicLOLZ1234 February 23, 2020
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