To have sexual intercourse. Another word for sex to disguise it in front of authority.
Douchey: That chick has some tig ol' bitties. On a scale of 1 to definitely, what are my chances of having segs with her?
Friend: I'd say highly unlikely.
by Aandy June 28, 2008
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(1) misspelling of the word "sex"
(2) Egg sex
(1) "wanna have segs?" "how do you misspell while talking, in real life?"
(2) *egg noise*
by Foxehlol March 20, 2022
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Short for segragation. In jail known as box, the hole. Time spent in segragation, separated from everyone else, as form of punishment
"Damn I just did 10 months seg."
by Bill W. February 3, 2006
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From the acronym S.E.G. (shit eating grin). Used as an all-encompassing name for jocks, frat boys, bros, douche bags, ect., and refers to the cheesy smile the aforementioned often display, usually before date-rape, or climbing into a raised truck. Coined in Southern California in 2006.
John: Check out those dooshes in the trucker hats.

Sam: Yeah, those guys are total fucking segs.
by Gil Brooks October 9, 2007
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"Look at that Jew suckin' a dick, what a Seg!"

"Man, Joe won't play Siege with us? That's such a Seg move!"
by Rosenstein_Shekelberg April 1, 2020
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