When you're vomiting and having explosive diarrhea at the same time. Rocking back and forth shitting on the pot and puking in a trash can with a seesawing motion.
Ask Carlos about the time he went to this one mexican restaurant and seesawed in their bathroom. That's just the reality of it...
by SupNva March 13, 2008
2 couples banging on a bed doggy style while facing each other, alternating thrusts so all 4 are moving back and forth like a seesaw
yo can you believe Matt and David gave those sluts the seesaw in pcb. how fuckin bromantic!
by the helicockter March 6, 2011
Verb: To Seesaw.

When a man and a pregnant woman are enjoying a romantic evening sixty-nining while the man is on his back and the woman is 8.5 months pregnant. Since her stomach is too large and in the way both man and woman can't engage in oral cherishment simultaneously.

The woman will have to rock back and forth on her baby filled stomach so man and woman can take turns fellating and cunnilinging.
Yo, look in that window... I can see a half-eaten dinner by a candle-lit dining room table. But over there on the couch Jack and Jill are rocking the Seesaw!!! Hoe just broke her water!
by DJ Jazzy Pig December 10, 2010
During a threesome with two women and one man one woman sits on the man's face and the other sits on his penis faceing each other they begin to pleasure themselves thus creating a sexual position where all three participants become satified
janet and christie had a great time playing seesaw last night but ricks neck was stiff
by ironsoul80 October 28, 2011
The homosexual version of the 69. When one male lays on top of another male head to toe and they both give each other oral sex at the same time.
Dude did you see Drew and Stephan seesawing each other last night???
by Starrfoxgay May 27, 2011
seesaw means that your down and your grindin hard trying to come up...
yo nigga i just got jacked by some takstas and now im on tha seesaw
by fiction aka the wonda man November 4, 2007
A sex position where the man sits with the woman on top of his hard cock and pressed up against him. The womans hands are behind her on his thighs and she bounces up and down on his cock and then he thrusts it into her deep, taking turns.
Sally: John and I had a fun time on the seesaw last night.
by KswaG March 25, 2007