printed circuit board this is a board that your computer,tv,vcr (basicly all manufactured electrionics(although this can be done by hand on a amature scale)) components are soldered to.
by alex harrap October 21, 2003
Short for Panama City Beach, FL. Where cool as kids grow up and the ones who didn't grow up here party. Spring Break Capital.
Let's move to PCB, the coolest place on the fucking planet.
by osp nigga October 7, 2005
Pcb is a 3 letter acronym that stands for "I Love You"
by Daniel<3Christine March 6, 2008
pcb(pain court boys) are the definition of country like they can’t get any worse. After school they like to go to the Central, go dirt biking or go hunting. They are also complete assholes and there I only 1 hot one🤷🏼 ♀️ Oops
You: I like pcb
Me:uh wtf why
by its a secret bitches December 7, 2018
Premature Coupling Behavior. When your casual date or acquaintance begins to display unsolicited acts normally reserved for serious couples. ie hand holding, arm around waist, invading personal space, etc.
Kristen: "That guy at the bar just bought me a drink...Then totally tried to hold my hand!"

Corina: "eeeew, PCB"
by trainwreck and homewreck March 10, 2009
"Some Spanish people were discussing how the language should evolve to get away from its inherent acceptance of male hegemony."

"It would be a simple fix technically but hard to implement. It'd be seen as PCBS."
by Mika EDM March 14, 2013