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A prostitue undercover. In seattle young woman were registered seamstresses but really they were just whores taking advantage of the 1897 Alaskan Gold Rush.
Dacha-I want to be a seamstress when i grow up.
Lucy- Bitch, please. Like people would pay to sleep with you.
by Tacha February 23, 2006
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Someone with technical skill but no taste.
That outfit was constructed well. The seams were straight but only a grandmother would wear it. She's not a designer, she's a seamstress.
by Ioshua October 06, 2010
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A super-busty gal whose ample gazongas are so impossibly perky-firm and stick out so ridiculously far (think Rebecca Wild) that they're obviously just implants; one has only to lift her boobs slightly and check underneath to see the obviously-visible stitch-scar-grooves from the plastic surgery. :P
Anytime a chesty gal braggingly shows off her humongous boobs to me, I always check to see if her "fun bags" are truly "real 'n' natural" or not before I compliment her too highly --- there are so many seamstresses out there!
by QuacksO September 20, 2017
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