A prostitue undercover. In seattle young woman were registered seamstresses but really they were just whores taking advantage of the 1897 Alaskan Gold Rush.
Dacha-I want to be a seamstress when i grow up.
Lucy- Bitch, please. Like people would pay to sleep with you.
by Tacha February 24, 2006
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Someone with technical skill but no taste.
That outfit was constructed well. The seams were straight but only a grandmother would wear it. She's not a designer, she's a seamstress.
by Ioshua October 6, 2010
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an offensive, even possibly misogynistic term for a female hilly-billy, an unsophisticated farm/country female
Although Rosa Parks was indeed financially destitute and a seamstress by trade, as well as being a black lady from the rural south, she certainly wasn't a destitute seamstress, achieving quite a lot in terms of human rights and other social progress for African Americans
by Sexydimma September 14, 2016
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A super-busty gal whose ample gazongas are so impossibly perky-firm and stick out so ridiculously far (think Rebecca Wild) that they're obviously just implants; one has only to lift her boobs slightly and check underneath to see the obviously-visible stitch-scar-grooves from the plastic surgery. :P
Anytime a chesty gal braggingly shows off her humongous boobs to me, I always check to see if her "fun bags" are truly "real 'n' natural" or not before I compliment her too highly --- there are so many seamstresses out there!
by QuacksO September 20, 2017
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Noun. One who only does over the pants mouth or hand stuff. When the seam of the pants rubs the clit or penis until completion.
Gerald was too nervous on the first date to make a real move. He was a total seamstress. He rubbed my seam until I came in my pants.
by Poooooooopoe December 12, 2021
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a semi-offensive term for a female hilly-billy
even if Rosa Parks was indeed destitute and a seamstress by trade, she certainly wasn't a destitute seamstress, achieving, quite a lot in terms of human rights
by Sexydimma December 18, 2014
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