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Used frequently in teaching hospitals by junior residents and medical students to describe mindless and thankless errands, such as chasing down radiology reports, drawing blood, and staying on hold with public health -- anything which is heavy on the "service" and light on the "education."

Apparently derived from scutwork, meaning "the work of a useless person."
"I don't know if I'll survive grand rounds today. I was up all night running scut."

"I hear rotating at hospital XYZ is a better learning experience than hospital ABC... less scut."
by blaidd January 12, 2004
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In certain parts of Ireland the word scut was used to tell off their children. Like feck is the softer version of fuck. Scut would have been used in this way as it was the softer version of shite. Being a lad from the West of Ireland this word was bandied about in my area quite a bit.

Scut would have been shortened from scutter which as any farmer will tell you is not a pretty sight out the backside of an afflicted cow (terribly bad liquid diarrhoea). So when your ma was saying 'you're some scut,' 'you little scut,' or 'come here you scut ya,' she was calling you a shit or a shite but in the nice clean way. Not swearing at all was she!

Also is you were on the town for a night out and say, the food you ate turned out to be bad, you might find yourself sitting on the loo for a few days after evacuating your bowels at a tremendous rate you would have a 'dose of the scuts.'

If someone is talking shit or shite in certain parts of Ireland they could be said to be 'talking pure scutter.'

You're some scut.

Come here you scut ya.

You little scut.

He has a dose of the scuts.

He's talking pure scutter.
by Aidan Courtney May 26, 2007
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Scut seems to have regional variations depending where you are in Ireland. In Fermanagh it means a naughty child or someone who is mildly annoying. It does not have the negative overtones suggested by other posters
"Declans child is an awful scut, he stole a chocolate bar when I wasnt looking at the shop"
by Mr Pol August 01, 2009
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(skuuut)n. sailor term. a cut, groove, divet or gash in the deck, hull or prow of a boat usually caused by an accident or battle.

slang- a nasty, dirty or annoying female. female reproductive organs.
"Aye, thar be a scut in the prow me matey!", sailor winksie
"i be stashin' me boogers in that scut on the deck.", sailor billy-no0b

"ew! like, she is SUCH a scut!", some mall rat
by winksie April 12, 2008
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that girl will fuck anything with a dick which makes her a can also be used with the additive "bucket" meaning to the worthless bitch you aint nothing but a scut bucket.
by christian luyando December 31, 2008
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homewrecking whore. All the bad names in the book. Someone who likes to break up relationships by offering sexual pleasures. Lying when they say they dont want drama and they are done interfering and then go and have sex with the person you love. There's a scut for ya!
drama fed scut
by freedomwriter2011 March 18, 2011
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cappy from subspace invented this word after he spelt u scur?

U SCUT? has many meanings.. most of it regarding how noobs feel when they are about to get owned
denk is scut of getting owned and losing squad

u scut?
by cappyownsu July 05, 2006
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