A Scots word used to mean that you are world weary, down-trodden, and thoroughly bereft of any lust for life when these words and expressions are simply too inadequate to signify the magnitude of your slide into "shitdom".
"Having to pay 550 euros to the locksmith on an emergency call out really scunnered him."
by ponteefex March 23, 2009
Scots word meaning meaning to be disgusted, bored or simply fed up
Look at the face on him! He's well scunnered.
by mjv December 25, 2005
Someone who'd gi'e ye the pip!
He's a right scunner!
by tenmil March 25, 2017
Scots word:-
Something that makes you feel sick.
That gives me the scunner.
He is just a wee scunner.
(Have heard used by girl in reference to a younger brother.)
by Donald Nicolson December 19, 2004
Downer / depresing. e.g missed the last bus home and had to get a taxi, cost me £20 ..reply.." what a scunner"
by M.nelson September 25, 2003
A menacing youth with very bad dress sense and uncouth nature.See also chav or scally.
Check out all the scunners at the bus stop.
by Peter Doherty a.k.a bilo March 29, 2005
what a scunner
by Joe September 15, 2003