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1. when said in a high-pitched, happy voice, refers to something that is cute and squishy. generally associated with squeals, hand clapping and little puppies.
2. when said in a low, disgusted voice, refers to something that is gross and/or dirty. generally associated with a wrinkled nose and a face that looks like this one: :/.

1. the spray form a car in front of you when you are driving and it is raining (plural: scrubblies).
2. the curly mane hair at the end of a horse's mane that has been braided. (also plural: scrubblies)
there is no such thing as a single scrubbly.

often confused with scububly.
"Look at that cute lil scrubbly puppy!"
"Ew, look at her scrubbly green hair. :/"
"This car keeps spraying it's scrubblies at me!"
"Just let me grab ahold of his scrubblies."
by Becca&Jocelyn November 19, 2011
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Pl. of Scrubbly (Noun)
Childhood icons, typically furry, fuzzy, adorable and abstract. Often, but not necessarily, television characters.

Eg. Muppets, Mr Squiggle, Humphrey B. Bear, etc.
Just found my old teddy bear. I love scrubblies!
by T.Shame October 15, 2012
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