-noun- Literally short for scrotum. When a person, usually a male, is so useless and insignificant that they do not deserve the tiny effort it takes to spit out a second offensive syllable; less than a scrotum.
"just say no to crack" was all I could think of as I watched that snivelling scrote crawl the room on his hands and knees looking for a rock....
by CunningLinguist January 5, 2005
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An obnoxious half-wit who resembles many of the qualities of the unwashed male scrotal sack. i.e. smells, rather funny looking, leathery appearance with random tufts of hair sprouting forth.
He spent so long drawing testicles he turned into one.
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man's scrotum - also, a bum, a worthless individual (usually male)
Sally's new boyfriend is a real scrote
by Chopster December 15, 2002
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decieptful,workshy, thinks the country owes him a living type individual. still lives with parents, gets by by scrounging and thieving, thinks he's hard when clearly he's not. generally a fucking loser.
wogi, Illidge and Sawyer are a pair of fucking scrotes
by Dave Rhodes November 13, 2004
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Worthless, workshy,thieving toerag, thinks the tax payer owes him a living,wanabe drug dealer/courier who almost always gets caught and then whinges for a brief cos I got me fucking rights, innit.Gob in their tea, they won't notice the difference, and tell them it's no smoking whilst lighting up yourself.Instantly identifiable(there's a scrote two streets up, you can't miss him). Collective term is a sputum.
90% of an average Custody Suite population (the cell block)anytime/anywhere in the UK.Try to talk yard when they're from Maidstone.
by I ain't that daft December 27, 2003
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Short for scrotum,
the thin layer of skin surrounding the balls and man's only protection against tennis balls, small childrens' rage and dog attacks. Certain proof that god excists and is an angry lesbian femenist.
"My scrote got caught on a nail while I was jumping the fence!" or "That bitch got my whole scrote in her mouth, and she's ready to bight" but also "I shaved my scrote this morning"
by Steevowe July 2, 2005
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