Just another way to pronounce shrimp.
The menu offered a Scrimp Basket dinner with coleslaw, sweet corn and hush puppies.
by talk2me-JCH2 July 15, 2022
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someone who is very weak fragile
that kid is a scrimp he wont do shit to you
by lil oco May 23, 2010
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Younger girls who think they're pretty so they fuck around a lot, but they're really just dumb skanks.
by jennah March 18, 2005
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v. to perform anal sex and ejaculate in said anus and then eat said semen.
variations: scrimped; scrimping; scrimps.
After John finished fucking Mary in the ass, he scrimped his freshly blown load out of her pooper.
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When you make a rediculous face and your right hand is about the same height as your head. You cannot control your hand and it can be done quite violently!
Christ! This doif is making me scrimp violently!
by XS_[[DeStRoYeR]] August 9, 2004
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