The unintentional facial expression a person makes while staring at a screen, usually a frown.
Guy 1: “Jessica is always on her phone all the time”
Guy 2: “She’s a pretty girl, too bad she has an ugly screen-face
by munnandonly June 19, 2019
Why would you type this in here. you see the creen rolling at the side and what do you decide to type
"the screen at the side" what the heck is wrong with you.
by whydidyoudothat69 March 20, 2022
An effective way to trick a voice program into taking a screenshot. Usually used for games like GTA or Skyrim.
by Goosifyed May 15, 2022
someone who is so awful you wish you could throw them into a bug zapper.
I know this anti gay marriage three times divorced Trump supporter, total bug screen material.
by Xenophilia December 2, 2015
someone that watches your screen in split screen video games.
andrew: hahaha i shot you again while you respanwed
manu: how the fuck did you know i was there?!?! stop staring at my screen you f-ing screen gypsy!!!
by prophit February 22, 2011
We would like to set up a quick 15 min pre-screening skype call?
by elephegg February 15, 2016
Refers to the act of glancing at the netting over your window/door to see how many flying bloodsuckers are landed on it before deciding whether or not to venture outside.
You'll want to always give "the great outdoors" a pre-screening before just mindlessly heading out the door, so that you don't get eaten alive once you're out there.
by QuacksO June 28, 2019