3 definitions by JustKiddingFool

An individual who's sexuality is convenient depending on what they need.
Nicole usually likes women, but she's a convenient sexual so she hooked up with a guy to get pregnant.
by JustKiddingFool August 18, 2018
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To use multiple tech devices at once for the purposes of entertaining one's self.
Jessie was bored so she started double screening by watching "Friends" on her iPad while using Facebook on her phone at the same time.
by JustKiddingFool January 12, 2015
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When a woman specifically expresses her disinterest in a potential suitor by incessantly playing with her phone. It is a passive form of rejection for a guy who will find his remaining dignity in the friend zone.
Tim thought he had an opportunity to smash with Madison but she phone zoned the hell out of him.
by JustKiddingFool May 31, 2015
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