A severe case of the chocolate sphinkter squirts.
I ate some bad oysters yesterday and woke up the screaming mimis. I thought my colon was going to fall out.
by t June 29, 2004
1. Type of fireworks.
2. Record and music store in Ontario
I shot screaming mimis outside of Screaming Mimi's.
by Liam Wilson December 12, 2004
When a woman gets her clit bitten, hence making her scream.
"Someone gave me a Screaming Mimi when I wasn't looking!"
by Reb January 23, 2004
Also was a villian in Marvel Comics "Thunderbolts".
by BillyG April 8, 2003
When having sex with a girl, right before you blow your load-pull out, punch her in the cunt, and blow in her mouth.
Last night I gave Jackie a screaming mimi and I know she will call me tomorrow.
by Bootydoo. October 15, 2010
when your doing a girl and light her pubes on fire and then attempt to put out with ur firey load
damn nigga, i was givin' yolanda a screaming mimi last night while my gurl was in da kitchen gettin some chicken
by Satch-mo March 20, 2007
When your fucking a girl right before you blow your load you ram an umbrella in her and open it up.
It was raining outside and i was getting wet so i gave Yolanda a screaming mimi.
by Nemesio April 8, 2003