The act, thought, or feeling of a word that is terribly versatile in function.
O: "Where were you?"
E: "I was just scramping around."

"You tryna scramp?"

"That shit is scrampy."

E: "You wanna get high?"
O: "Scramp."
by chamventure November 6, 2010
A beautiful,bangin', chick, whom you would bone on the spot. Also known as a dime.
Jessica Alba is and will always be a scramp.
by Shweetbox April 14, 2006
Having Sexual Intercourse without using a condom. usually in a scaggy place aswell, common to chavs
by philiiiiiiiiii September 8, 2006
Uh oh, pull over quick! That bean burrito gave me a bad case of the scramps. Oops, too late!
by Nimiganda May 13, 2009
Cramp caused during or after sex.
we we're fucking so hard i got scramp!
by alach1983 July 1, 2012
Verb: To scramp around

A verb that describes any meaningless, unnamed action. ie rolling around on the floor, throwing things inappropriately, being obnoxious, etc.
"Wow Auntie, there sure is lots of room to scramp around at your house!"
by ambizzler March 3, 2010