To get a score, is to get a peek at a girl's guset in a public place. Normally a luchtime game to be played in a park. One glimse is a score, no panties wins the game. This game is not playable on the beach, unless you play bottom-less only - the girls not you.
Did you get a score then? - yes they were white and tight.
by Neilwill July 26, 2010
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An enthusiastic word followed by a meager attempt to converse with an uninterested potential mate.
Mark: How are you doing today mam?
Mam: "Shut up and do your job!"
Mark: SCORE!
by Tom March 19, 2003
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someone who is a slut, cunt, and whore. specifically a girl.
that girl is a score. she sleeps with everyone.
by britterkinss :] May 23, 2008
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How many points you have so far in a game or sport.
Announcer Dude- We are at the 23rd Annual Archery Contest. The Undefeated Champion, Shawn B., is going against Monkeylegs McSlaughsson for the Pallas Trophy. The score now is 36-8, with Shawn B. in the lead.......
by Shawn B. May 09, 2003
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cockeny slang for 20 squid mainly used by the l337 cockneys and so many wannabes
set me a score mate im broke
by Danny January 29, 2004
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